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Donnabeth Lippman Park


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Donnabeth Lippman Park

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Facility Information

18 Chaffin Pond Rd.
Windham, ME 04062
Contact: Windham Parks & Recreation  Phone: (207) 892-1905

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General Information
Popular 123-acre park located in the North Windham business district off Route 302, behind Sherwin Williams.
  • No cost!
  • Fishing dock
  • Hiking, biking, and Nordic skiing trails
  • StoryWalk trail
  • Playground and swings
  • Picnic pavilion
  • Paddling
Group reservations at Lippman Park are available online or in person at Windham Parks and Recreation for a small fee but are not required to visit Lippman Park. Lawn games are also available to rent out for an additional fee. See below for more information.

Reservation Information & Policies
Reservation User Agreement
  1. Please adhere to your scheduled time that has been reserved for your use. If you need to cancel, please contact our office at 892-1905.
  2. Alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco products, smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted.
  3. Disorderly conduct is prohibited.
  4. Campfires are not permitted unless authorized by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  5. Do not pick up or remove anything natural: please leave it for others to enjoy.
  6. Enjoy wildlife from a distance: do not feed or disturb animals or birds.
  7. Duty of the owner to remove and dispose of, in a safe and healthy manner, any waste left by their animal. (see Town of Windham Animal Control Ordinance 81-11 for full policy.)
  8. Dogs must be on a leash - No dog under the control or care of any person shall be permitted to leave the property of that person unless the dog is on a leash of suitable strength. (see Town of Windham Animal Control Ordinance 81-7 for full policy.)
  9. Be considerate of other visitors and trail users.
  10. Firearms and hunting are not permitted at Lippman Park.
  11. Disorderly conduct is prohibited.
  12. Stay on marked trails and do not cut new trails.
  13. Any personal property left unattended will be taken to the Windham Parks and Recreation office and kept in lost and found for one week. If not claimed after one week, items will be donated.
  14. Visitors are required to store food securely and leave all parks and trails clean.
  15. Take all trash and belongings with you when leaving the park.
  16. Please leave parks and trail maintenance to the Windham Parks and Recreation Department and call 892-1905 to notify us of any trail maintenance issues. 

Reservation Policies

  1. Must be at least 18 years or age to make a facility reservation for Lippman Park.
  2. Reservation requests can be made online at, or a printable reservation request form is available at the Parks and Recreation office and online.
  3. Making a reservation request does not guarantee your reservation until approved by the Parks and Recreation Department and fee has been paid.
  4. Reservation requests must be submitted 72 hours in advance of the desired reservation time. We cannot guarantee a reservation request will be considered if submitted after 72 hours.
  5. Fees per reservation.
    1. Pavilion reservation only: $25.00.
    2. Pavilion reservation and lawn games: $40.00.
  6. May request a rain date for no additional fee.
  7. The Windham Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to refuse services to participants if the administration deems necessary for the safety of the participant, other participants, or staff.

Reservation Cancellation & Refund Policies
  1. Call or email Windham Parks and Recreation for any cancellations so we can accommodate other groups.
  2. 100% refund if one-time reservation is cancelled by Windham Parks & Recreation, minus the credit card processing fee.
  3. Pro-rated refund will be applied if multiple reservations are cancelled by Windham Parks & Recreation after reservations begin.
  4. Full or partial refunds may be applied on a case-by-case basis if user cancels reservation.
  5. No cash refunds.
  6. All refunds are handled through the Parks and Recreation office.

Lawn Game Rental Policies
  1. Must be at least 18 years of age to rent any lawn games.
  2. Lawn games must be used in the manner in which it was intended.
  3. A credit/debit card number for lawn games is required to secure payment in the event that the lawn games are not returned or broken.
    1. All credit/debit card numbers are properly discarded when the lawn games and key have been returned, or at the end of the season.
  4. Key must be picked up at the Parks and Recreation office prior to reservation to access the lawn games storage shed.
    1. Reservation contact must pick up the lawn game key, unless otherwise authorized by the Parks and Recreation office.
    2. Key must be brought back to the Parks and Recreation office in a timely manner, no more than 2 business days after reservation.
      1. Key can be dropped in the drop box outside of the Town Hall.
  5. Renters are responsible for all lawn games and the storage shed key. Renter will be charged for any items that are lost or broken/damaged. Price list for lost or broken items:
    1. Key: $10.00
    2. Cornhole: $75.00 per board / $5.00 per bean bag
    3. Bocce Ball: $40.00
    4. Connect Four: $130.00 / $5.00 per ring
    5. Tumbling Blocks: $50.00
    6. Kan Jam: $40.00 / $15.00 frisbee
    7. Velcro Paddle Toss: $5.00 per paddle/ball
  6. Any fees charged to the renter is assessed by the Parks and Recreation Department for any item broken/damaged or lost.
    1. Renter will be notified by the Administrative Assistant before fee is charged to the card on file.
  7. Rental purchases may be refunded on a case-by-case basis.

Other Lippman Park Policies
Pond Use Policies
  1. Non-motorized boats may be used in Chaffin Pond.
  2. No drilling holes for ice fishing in the skating area.
  3. Do not drive up to the pond, keep all vehicles in the parking lot.

Closing Policies
  1. Lippman Park closes at dusk unless scheduled program is taking place.
  2. Lippman Park may occasionally close for maintenance.
    1. Closings will be posted on Windham Parks and Recreation’s website and Facebook page.

Fee Schedule
Please specify which reservation option you would like in the additional information box on the next screen.

  1. Pavilion reservation only: $25.00
  2. Pavilion reservation and lawn games: $40.00
(Lawn games include: Cornhole, Bocce Ball, Giant Connect Four, Giant Tumbling Blocks, Kan Jam and Velcro Paddle Toss)

Current Activities

Click on an activity name for details or the date for the activity schedule.


Program Activity Teams Date Time
Grady Picnic Gathering Sunday April 18, 2021 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM