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Proposed Community Center Project

Community Center Ad Hoc Committee
Established by the Windham Town Council on May 16th, 2017

The Windham Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee selected an Ad Hoc Committee of members with varied qualifications and interests, to complete the preliminary planning phase of the development of a community center for the town of Windham, and formulate a vision for this center. This document serves as the result of this committee’s findings and recommendations. 

Beth Schidzig, Chair
Cathy Streifel, Recording Secretary
Pat Moody
Joseph Crocker
Jason Elder

Most Current: At the 3rd Public Forum on Monday, March 25th participants were able to view the concept that the majority of people voted for on the ballot provided at the 2nd Forum in December. Participants were asked to provide feedback about that concept as well as feedback regarding examples of 3 different types of pools.   Links to both the ballot and the full Power Point presentation provided at this forum are below.  We encourage you to return your completed ballots either in person to the Parks and Recreation Department or by email to Parks& Thank-you for your input – the Community Center Ad Hoc Committee appreciates hearing from you!

Public Forum # 3 Presentation
added 3/26

Public Forum # 3 Ballot
added 3/26

Voting Ballot    
 added 12/10

Project Proposals - 3 Concepts      
 added 12/10

Report to the Town Council on October 24th, 2017