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Friday October 16, 2020
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM    Monthly Luncheons - Franco's Bistro & Windham Historical Society
Due to the limitations caused by COVID-19, we know you have been missing the opportunity to “get out and about” with Windham Parks and Recreation, so we are going to bring the entertainment and good food to you!  In addition to providing a meal from one of our local restaurants, we will be providing some type of program as well. There will be a maximum number of people allowed in the gym for the in-person option (with safety measures being in place) or we are offering curb-side “to go” meals with the pick-up location being at Town Hall, outside the gym door. Registration is required for both options, with the in-person option being a greater fee due to the cost of the entertainment being provided.  Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pmMeal to be served or picked up any time after 11:30 am. Entertainment begins at noon. Friday September 18 - The Elbow RoomYou’ll have a hard time not singing along with the Lighthouse Jubilees, who have been singing Gospel and Golden Oldies for nearly 24 years!Fee: $16 (with entertainment)  / $10.00 (curbside pick-up) Friday October 16 - Franco's BistroCome learn about what it was like to be a student in a one-room schoolhouse of the late 19th century from Windham Historical Society's very own schoolmarm, Paula Sparks, and perhaps, you can share some fun stories about your schooldays as well.Fee: $14.00 (with presentation)  / $10.00 (curbside pick-up) Friday November 20 - Amato’s There is hardly anyone from that generation that didn’t respect all the great work the USO did for the country from WW2 and for decades after. Bob Hope was well known for his “USO tours,” taking the stars of the day with him to entertain the troops. Bob Hope epitomizes our national pride and patriotism, especially for those who followed his career. Join us for a one-hour movie provided by “Memory Lane”… you’ll be thanking us for the memories!Fee: $14.00 (with presentation)  / $10.00 (curbside pick-up) Friday December 18 - Duck Pond Variety (Starlight Catering)We will welcome back Ron Bergeron, a full-time musician who strives to entertain his audience with THEIR favorite music, performed by just himself and an acoustic guitar. With a little lighthearted humor, he’ll engage the group and get you tapping your toes and singing along to a song repertoire of crowd favorites sure to include some favorite holiday music too!Fee: $15.00 (with entertainment)  / $10.00 (curbside pick-up)