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2nd Annual Take a Hike Weekend

Photos of Trail Users

Join Windham Parks & Recreation for a fall hike!

On October 15th-17th, we're encouraging families all over Windham to explore parks and trails in our community. Head outdoors and join the fun!

As part of “Take a Hike” weekend, we’ll be posting a fresh story at the new Lippman Park Story Walk trail, and it’s the perfect opportunity to try the Windham Trails Passport challenge! You don’t have to be a hiker; running, walking, biking, and all ways of enjoying the trails are encouraged. We've even created a Bingo Game and a Scavenger Hunt for use while on your hike. This is a great way to enjoy the fall weather and spend time as a family while practicing social distancing.

When: Anytime during the weekend of October 15th-17th
Where: Any park or trail in Windham; we encourage you to visit a new  location! Donnabeth Lippman Park, Lowell Preserve, Mountain  Division Trail, Black Brook Preserve, and more await.
What: Interested families are also invited to post your family’s photo to Facebook or Instagram with the tag #takeahikewindham - we may share your photo on our social media pages!

No registration is required! Just visit our facilities page to find trail maps and more information about our parks, and then hit the trail!